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Anonymous asked:
now second question, do you have any eleanor inspired outfits for school?

i posted one below for you! but this and this i’d also recommend :) basically casual jeans and a tee/knit sweater with converse and even a leather jacket would be perfect

Flying high ✌️🚁

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Kylie Jenner + Black

Anonymous asked:
WOO so do i :))

yayyyy! love hearing from you guys :’)

Anonymous asked:
forgive me for asking, but do you ship larry or elounor? no hate xx

i ship larry! ^__^

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Anonymous asked:
hi!! i was wondering if you could make an eleanor inspired school outfit thing? I wear a uniforms so if you could use polos and khakis that would be amazing. xoxo

hey girly! nothing on polyvore was really inspiring me so i hope i can link to some ideas instead? for khakis i’d definitely go for a skinny leg. i personally own these and LOVE them (i have to wear khakis for my job!). and wow it’s actually pretty tough to find inexpensive women’s polos holy i apologize for the price but i really like the style of these fred perry polos (x, x, x). oh wait american eagle has some! and abercrombie!

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file under “movies to watch when feeling sad”

@eleanorj92​: Thanks @bleachlondon @louteasdale for making my hair nice 😊💁

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